Vidya Param Balam
Rising energy by the beach: In a beach yoga at Sage House Yoga, a practitioner gracefully assumes the Upward Facing Dog pose, opening their heart and embracing the energizing and revitalizing qualities of the practice against the backdrop of the ocean waves.

yoga retreats, teacher training, and a beginning to endless POSSIBILITIES!

Weclome to SHY - Sage House Yoga

Let us start with a quick introduction, Yogi Ankit founded SHY at a very early age. Fellow learners of yogi ankit, motivated him to pursue his love for yoga and wisdom into a well established career.  Now through Sage House Yoga, yogi ankit and his young team of professional yog gurus are able to focus on delivering 100, 200, and 300 Hrs. TTC and conduct lectures, practical classes of modern and classical hatha yog, the perfect asthanga yog, top notch mindful meditation, and blissfull retreats under one roof. 


What is the meaning and motive of Sage House Yoga?

The word "SAGE" means a wise person, someone who has attained great wisdom through experience, study, or contemplation. "House" in this context can be described as a home away from home. We believe, it is important to give our students a home-like comfort so that they can focus on what is happening inside and outside with undivided attention. "YOGA" is the union of the finite with the infinite self. 

Yoga is a practice that emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and mindfulness, which are key components of wisdom. By cultivating a deeper understanding of ourselves and our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, we can make wiser choices and lead more fulfilling lives. With this in mind, our motive is to create a positive ambiance where one can get the maximum benefit from Yoga and prepare themselves for the beginning of endless possibilities!

Vidya Param Balam

"Vidya param balam" is a Sanskrit phrase that translates to "knowledge is the ultimate power/strength." It emphasizes the importance of education and learning in life.

Knowledge and education are crucial for personal and societal development, and they can empower individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve success in various domains of life, hence it is the most valuable possession a person can have, and when knowledge is shared in its real form with others it then becomes wisdom. With wisdom, one can go into very deep practice which may further lead to enlightenment and liberation from the cycle of birth and death. This belief is reflected in ancient texts, such as the Vedas and Upanishads, which emphasize the pursuit of knowledge as a means to attain spiritual growth and understanding.

Our Inspiration

Paramahansa Yogananda

साक्षात्परंब्रह्मरूपाय गुरवे सत्यसन्धवे। नमः सर्वात्मने तुभ्यं विश्वरूपाय वेधसे॥

In the realm of spirituality, certain luminaries emerge whose teachings and wisdom resonate through generations. One such towering figure is Paramahansa Yogananda, a revered spiritual guru whose profound influence has left an indelible mark on the world of yoga and meditation. Yogi Ankit, the visionary founder of Sage House Yoga Rishikesh, draws inspiration from the timeless teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, shaping his yoga sanctuary into a sacred space of transformation and self-realization. 

paramahansa yogananda
Student attentively listening and learning from yoga teacher during theory at Sage House Yoga

Embark on a life-changing journey with our comprehensive TTC program(s) in Rishikesh.


Discover the magic of yoga in the birthplace of the ancient art.


Experience authentic yoga teaching from seasoned professionals.

Enhance your understanding of yoga and deepen your practice.

All the yoga retreats organized by us run through the year there is no exception for any month or weather. Be it any international festival or an Indian celebration we are open 365 days at your service. Pre-booking is mandatory, and we recommend that you plan your retreats at least 7 days in advance. Earlier the better. The length of our retreats is from 2 days to 21 days to provide the benefits of yoga to our guests. You can expect a break from the busy lifestyle and from your work, which you indeed well deserve. The maximum time you spent in terms of retreat days, will give us more time to bring the benefits of yoga and leave behind an impactful feeling and healthy lifestyle.

Our weekend and the 3 days retreat are designed to be flexible in regards to dates, all other retreats are scheduled to start every Monday of the week for all months of the year. Our 7 days to 21 days yoga retreat guests can check in on Sunday (after midday) and check out as per the select yoga retreat program or as agreed at the time of booking. We will serve you breakfast on the checkout/departure date.

Yoga master Ankit performing one-handed handstand near Ganga River in Rishikesh at Sage House Yoga
$129 / ₹6,499
4 days JOY and BLISS yoga retreat in Rishikesh India

Pre booking required

Level - Beginner | Language - English/Hindi
Group of girls smiling and posing for a photo after the closing ceremony of a yoga course at Sage House Yoga
$159 / ₹8,499
5 days self-discovery yoga retreat in Rishikesh India

Pre booking required

Level - Beginner | Language - English/Hindi
Sun Salutation Sun Rise Rishikesh Yoga training course at Sage House Yoga
$229 / ₹11,999
7 days nourishment yoga retreat in Rishikesh India

Pre booking required

Level - Beginner | Language - English/Hindi


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All our Programs and Training are Internationally Recognised. 

Yoga Certificate Course is affiliated with Yoga Alliance.

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“A true yoga teacher is one who can guide you to the depths of your own being.” – Indian Yogi

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Happy Learners

“The love of learning is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” – Socrates

Programs & Training's

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” – The Bhagavad Gita

Akanksha Garg
Akanksha Garg
Definitely visit once for an experience of a lifetime!Ankit Ji and Shivani Ji were the best hosts I had opted for a 3 day yoga retreat where there were multiple yoga sessions, acro yoga with my partner and a nice excursionWe also saw Ganga Arti which was peaceful and heart touchingIt started raining in Rishikesh but Ankit ji and Shivani Ji made sure that we have a comfortable stay and we keep having something fun and relaxing to doIt was mu partner’s birthday and they went out of their way to get a cake for us.Their stay and food was also really good Loved the delicious food they served. And the cottages were clean and tidyI am so happy that I chose sage house as I got more from those 3 days than I expectedIt’s a must visit for us now! I will be going back again really really soon!
Freja Hind
Freja Hind
Beautiful acro yoga experience! Definitely give it a go😁💛
Noy Gershgoren
Noy Gershgoren
מקום מצויין עשינו שיעור אקרו יוגה והיה מדהים מורים מהממים
Rohit Singh Rana
Rohit Singh Rana
Amazing experience with sage house , must go for their acro workshop every Sunday, it's amazing and you will have fun there and building up a community
Anne Lorenz
Anne Lorenz
Namaste. We spend the last days of the year at Sage Yoga House for Partneryoga-Retreat and learned so much about ourselfs - about connection, trust in our abilities and in each other. Gained strenght, selfconfidence, and were able to recharge, but also experienced new aspects of yoga, meditation and pranayama. Learned about the spirituality of Rishikesh and Maa Ganga. Enjoyed the excursions and got to know you warmhearted, beautiful and inspiring people. New friendships were built plus i got the gift of experiencing indian birthdaycelebrations and found my super-Annie 😉 inside. Thank you Ankit for showing me what my body is able to do and leading my Yogapath to Ashtanga. Thank you Rohit for your spiritual guidiance and soundhealing. Thank you Ena for your heart, smile and caring soul. We enjoyed the place, the food and the spirit of Tapovan. The only thing which you guys could improve in is punctuality and a clearer scedule. We will carry the Rishikesh-spirit with us on our further travels and will bring all this wonderful memories back home. Hope to meet you again some day. Om shanti - your power-coupe.
Bachir Benterki
Bachir Benterki
Nice class of accro. The accro class is cool, it took place outside and the experience was pleasant! Good teacher, friendly and good guide ✨Je recommande, endroit super, prof amical et avenant et la classe excellente 🙌🏾
Secil Uyaniker
Secil Uyaniker
I followed a two day retreat with Sage House in November 2023. We started our mornings with a Hatha yoga class, made a very fun excursion to a waterfall, did an afternoon class at the ghat, and even had a short sound healing session. Ankit made sure to take a lot of photos of us during our practice, so now I have many beautiful memories to look back at.Ankit and Rohit are very talented teachers and above all they are both lovely people. Unfortunately the meditation teacher was ill so I did not have a chance to meet them, but I am confident that all teachers who teach here are excellent.The accommodation was very modern. I stayed in a spacious private cottage which had all amenities from a kettle to a TV. In the evenings there was a cozy bonfire in the garden to sit around and chat. The atmosphere of the accommodation is quite lively with many guests enjoying the garden and the nearby restaurant until late at night. I even got to watch a pre-wedding movie shoot from my doorstep 🙂All in all if you’re looking for a fun and modern yoga retreat experience with amazing teachers, Sage House is a good choice.
Anna Sharafulina
Anna Sharafulina
Thank you so much, Ankit ji 🙏🏼 Yoga with you is always fun 🧘🏽‍♀️

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