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Sage house foundation

Sage House Yoga center has multiple initiatives aimed at contributing towards the social upliftment of our community.

We organize donation-based classes: The center offers regular donation-based courses where students can donate what they can afford to attend the class. The funds collected from these classes are donated to charities or non-profit organizations working towards social causes such as education, healthcare, or the environment.

Volunteer work: The center encourages its students and teachers to participate in volunteer work in their local communities. This involves activities such as teaching yoga to underprivileged children or working with senior citizens.

Scholarships: To make yoga education accessible to everyone, the center offers scholarships or financial assistance to individuals who cannot afford to pay for yoga teacher training programs or advanced yoga workshops. This initiative helps to promote diversity and inclusion within the yoga community.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives: The center partners with local businesses to offer yoga classes to their employees as part of their CSR initiatives. This helps to promote employee well-being and stress management while also contributing towards social causes.

Community outreach programs: The center organizes community outreach programs aimed at raising awareness about the benefits of yoga. This involves partnering with local organizations or participating in health fairs or other community events.

Environmental sustainability: The school can implement sustainable practices such as reducing paper waste, conserving energy, and using eco-friendly products in its facilities. The center also organizes events and workshops focused on environmental conservation and sustainability.

By incorporating these initiatives into our operations, and being a profitable yoga center, we contribute towards social upliftment and promote the principles of yoga beyond its walls.


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